PivotGuild Entrepreneur Web Developer Matchup

PivotGuild Matchup

Great news! We've been selected to showcase our web development services at the PivotGuild/Boulder Digital Arts Entrepreneur Web Developer MatchUp on Wedensday, January 18th at BDA! Here's the official invitation below.

PivotGuild and Boulder Digital Arts are hosting a FREE "match-up" for business founders and web developers, next Wednesday, January 18 at the BDA Studio in Boulder. As an Entrepreneur and organizational leader you recognize the critical importance of having a website that is functioning as a core marketing tool to serve your strategic business goals. If your site is not doing that now, or worse, you don’t have one at all, this is an opportunity to meet professionals with the skills to produce what you need.

Do you need to:

  • Convert your old HTML site to one with a content-management system like WordPress or Drupal (to give you control)

  • Update an old design to an attractive new design

  • Improve your readability and usability to get fewer bounces and more responses to calls-to-action

  • Add a blog

  • Optimize your site for Search Engines to drive more traffic organically

  • Create a mobile-friendly site

  • Develop interactive applications for your site or for mobile use

  • Integrate third-party programs for common engagement tools like surveying, eletters and social media

  • Design custom e-commerce or other database-driven functionality

So join us for a light lunch on the 18th from 11:30 - 1:30 and get your web development questions answered. You may even find the right developer for your website project.

Questions? Email Alyson for more information.