Less than one tenth of one percent contribute to Drupal core!

Drupal Ladder

Do you remember when you first discovered Drupal? For some folks, it might have been love at first sight. Or, if you were like me, it could have been one of those relationships you really didn't know where it was going but you liked it so you kept moving forward anyway. And today? You couldn't imagine living without Drupal!

For some, including me, there needs to be some clarification when I talk about "relationship". Google defines a relationship as:

The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

And there's the word . . . "connected". If you've been in a personal relationship for any period of time, you've undoubtedly confronted or been confronted with, I just don't feel like we're connecting any more...

So, let me ask you, if Drupal had lips, what would it say to you??

  • We've been dating for two years, where's this going?

  • Why do you spend soooooo much time with your friends?

  • Would you put down that remote/game controller/beer/bike/(insert your own vise) and pay attention to me!

Remember, we all need a little love. And, that includes Drupal!

The scary numbers

The way that we're going, by 2014, about one tenth of one percent will be contributing to core! I know, this is math and it's easy to distort numbers. The fact remains though. With an ever expanding base of Drupal users, site builders, and developers, we should be able to maintain (or even grow) the percent of people that give back to core.

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" alt="Drupal Ladder contribution">

Here's where the Drupal Contribution Ladder comes in. The goal is to get 1% of Drupal.org users contributing to core by 2014.

You next best 10 minutes for Drupal

If you were at DrupalCon Denver, you might have attended <a href="


" target="_blank" title="The Drupal Contribution Ladder">The Drupal Contribution Ladder: A Gift and a Challenge to You from Boston. It's very worthwhile to watch the whole thing but you might not have the time right now. So, the folks over at Drupalize.Me have put together a <a href="


" target="_blank" title="Learn Drupal Ladder video series">Learn Drupal Ladder video series and the intro is 10 minutes. Go there and watch it now!

Next steps

Like many of you, I've been absent way too long and haven't contributed to core. And, if you're like me, part or most of your living is based upon Drupal. It only seems fair to give back to the project and technology that enables so much of what we enjoy both professionally and personally. Just call it Drupal Love!

It's pretty easy to get started regardless if you are new to Drupal or are a seasoned veteran. First, go to the <a href="


" target="_blank" title="Learn Drupal website">Learn Drupal website and familiarize yourself with the resources. You can also download a summary of the <a href="


" title="Drupal Contribution Ladder slides">Drupal Contribution Ladder slides. Second, get a feel on where you are at. Are you just getting started? Are you ready to contribute? Or, are you at a point where you can maintain a core component or initiative? Third, read the section on sprints and when you're ready, take action!

I'm now commiting myself . . . are you??