Engineering Development and Management

When you’re ready to move into the implementation phase, there are typically three different development methods for software product delivery: vertical, horizontal, and custom. Based upon your prior planning, this decision will already be made for you. In some cases, you’ll be customizing a vertical software product that focuses on an industry specific solution. Other times, a more horizontal approach is taken and a generalized software platform is used to build out a specific application. Last, custom application development is used when the requirements far exceed functionally that can be provided by modifying a vertical or horizontal product platform. In these cases, the development process can be expedited by selecting toolsets that decrease the time of implementation.

Typically, web-based technologies require connectivity to a variety of web services and there’s a fair degree of integration between disparate systems. For example, if you sell a tangible product on the Internet, you have to ship it to your customer. That involves integration with a variety of systems like a shipping service, credit card gateway merchant, customer relationship management system, customer support desk, back office or inventory system, and external systems like cloud storage or content distribution networks. No longer does an application sit on a server within your building’s four walls. It's an interconnected system of smaller subsystems, all with best-in-class services, to help your business be much more productive.

Once the web development is complete and deployed, one or more internal resources need to be responsible for the care and maintenance of your project. This could be a simple as updating content to adding new features to upgrading the underlying technology to the next version. Who performs these functions really depends upon the breadth and depth of your internal resources.

Many times, our clients contract us to perform ongoing maintenance of their project. Other times, we perform a technology transfer and train your internal staff. For all projects, JordanJr develops and implements systems so you don't have to depend upon us.

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