Analytics and Tracking

Today, it's imperative you know who is using your website, where are they coming from, their interests, what they are buying, and the technology are they using. If you're selling a product or a service on your website, you also need to track each sale and determine the cost of that purchase.

Website analytics and tracking give you hard data so you can make informed decisions about your search engine optimization and marketing efforts. The collected data will allow you to follow trends over time, make informed decisions based upon customer usage and sales patterns, and justify online sales and marketing expenses.

JordanJr provides services to help you install and utilize analytic tools on your website. Best of all, most of the tools are offered at no cost by industry leading vendors. We can also help train your staff to use the analytics and tracking packages reporting tools. Give us a call or contact us today! We're always happy to conduct a no-cost initial consultation about your specific Internet technology needs.