Agile Project Management

You might be at the point where your strategic technology plan is developed and the implementation solution is chosen. What’s next? It's time to implement!

Many small organizations are short staffed or don't have the necessary expertise in-house to manage a project implementation. Or, maybe you have the internal or external resources lined up but don't have the bandwidth to manage the project yourself.

While it’s debatable on why software projects fail, unfortunately, most fail in some way. These failures can be attributed to functionality issues, high cost variance, late delivery, or personnel issues. In general, the conclusion of most industry experts and researchers focuses on ineffective resource management.

If you're doing great with your planning and technology evaluation but are a bit confused on how to implement your project, you can contract with JordanJr to assist with the project management. Before the project starts, we can review your plans and give you a reality check for implementation. Don't have a plan developed yet? No problem, we'll engage with you to determine realistic and measurable timeframes for execution.

Give us a call or contact us today! We're always happy to conduct a no-cost initial consultation about your specific Internet technology needs.