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Drush 5 core-rsync File Ownership Issues

Drush is a very powerful tool that can be used for a variety of site building and maintenance tasks. Today, I want to look at the Drush 5 command core-rsync and some gotchas I discovered when moving my site files around. To be clear, I'm not talking about using core-rsync to manage Drupal code. In my opinion, it's best to use Git and the git-flow process to do that. The focus of this article is only on the "files" directory under your sites/sitename folder.

Less than one tenth of one percent contribute to Drupal core!

Do you remember when you first discovered Drupal? For some folks, it might have been love at first sight. Or, if you were like me, it could have been one of those relationships you really didn't know where it was going but you liked it so you kept moving forward anyway. And today? You couldn't imagine living without Drupal!

Drupal 7, MediaFront, MPEG-4 moov atoms, and buffering

In this article, I'll address why some MPEG files buffer/load completely before playing and then give you several solutions to resolve this issue. For some background, it's well documented that MPEG-4 files could buffer completely before playing from a website. If you have a very small video, this might not be an issue. With video times of 15, 30, or even 60 mins+, it can be a real issue for many site builders. Even my 4 min videos were driving me nuts...

Drupal 7, AdaptiveTheme, and iPad meta viewport Bug?

This week, I've been working on a microsite for one of my clients. Since the target platform is an iPad, I decided to try AdaptiveTheme (base theme) and Sky (sub-theme) for this particular project. There's a lot going on with responsive/adaptive design so it's good to try out different base themes and get an idea of what's possible today.

Drupal 7 Syntax Highlighting using Wysiwyg, CKEditor, and Syntax Highlighter

The goal of this article is to show you how to configure Wysiwyg and CKEditor to embed syntactically highlighted (pretty) code into your Drupal page. Or, something that looks like this:

 * Remove the generator tag from the head for Drupal 7.
 * @param type $head_elements
function jordanjr_html_head_alter(&$head_elements) {

You will need the following software and modules: